Season 2, Ep. 2: Building Biomes | Prof. Jack Gilbert

February 3, 2021

Did you know that humans emit about 37 million bacteria every hour? Your entire surroundings, from the air you breathe to the walls of your house, are populated by a vast mixture of microbes. But to what extent to these microbes colonize you and affect your health? In this episode, Dr. Ruairi Robertson speaks with Prof. Jack Gilbert about the microbes in our environment and how they interact with humans. Prof. Gilbert is the Charles Darwin of the microbiome field, studying microbes all over the world from Antarctic lakes to volcanoes to the international space station. His research has uncovered the interactions between the macro and micro worlds that we live in and how we must approach our surrounding microbial environments in the future from homes to hospitals and space stations.


Biomes Season 2 is being produced in conjunction with Microbiome Insights ( who provide end-to-end services for everyone looking to include microbiome analyses in their studies.

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